Our goal is to make your job easier. Let us handle the comprehensive planning, orchestration, and cargo transport management services for your large-scale industrial projects!

Vitelli LGX works with experienced hot-shot truckers with a long history in the oil and gas industry.

If you are faced with a drill site shutdown, pipeline crisis, or equipment failure, you need a logistics company you can count on to get your parts and equipment moved safely and securely while meeting your deadlines. We analyze both ground and air traffic patterns, plan for inclement weather, and prepare for possible delays—ensuring nothing stands in the way of meeting your deadline.

From quote to delivery, you’ll work with the same team member throughout the entire logistics chain. Our goal is to build relationships that last. No annoying call centers or other time-wasting miscommunication!

Contact us today and learn how we can help you adapt to the ever-changing demands of global supply chains.